Lady of Pattaya (Englisch)

Autor: Michael Schemmann

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is a Canadian expat and author of the 2004-05 season's bestseller: Lady of Isan. The Story of a Mixed Marriage from Northeast Thailand. His new bock tells the story of the Lady of Pattaya.
"Then Raadi got very angry in the go-go bar. He wanted to have other girls but was shy and didn't know how to do. So, I agreed to pick out the ladies for him. He took them to the room upstairs and...You know, inside my heart I really hurt," Iow said.
"Through the transparent nylon shirt hanging loosely over washed-out tight blue jeans, one could see the smooth golden skin of her shoulders and arms. Two firm buds rose on her breasts. She was a tall girl in her Tate teens with thick black hair and long legs, an ever so faint if not shy smile on her face. While she charmed me, she also made me timid, almost frightened, displaying in her gestures and attitudes the distinct signs of independence and pride which are the characteristics of her Khmer and Mongol forbears: the serene traces of ancestral savagery on her face. High cheek Bones under swung eyebrows...
The engaging energy she radiated warned me that the real dangers of the adventure would be for me, not for her. "