Safe Living as a farang in Thailand?

Safe Living as a farang in Thailand?
Pretty easy…………..or not?

To spend your life in our beautiful Thailand in peace, safety, quietness and overall satisfaction three things are necessary:
1. You have to fulfill the state-imposed conditions !
2. You need safe, quiet and pleasant living conditions!
3. You need a save and fully comprehensive HEALTH and ACCIDENT insurance!

Since I ( 66 years old ) and other friends and colleagues are living in Thailand for more than 10 Years and have been through many things, we know for sure “what” we are talking about.
1. One year stay ( also called retiree visa ), 90 days notification and everything what goes with it must be met.
2. Living…house or apartment…rent, build or buy. To each his own depending on ability to finance…just as recommendation to newcomers, as long as you don’t know where you want live, rent a place. Then you can easy move and find something else.
3. To be prepared for a bad accident or a sudden illness…as well as for age-related diseases, like cataract, hip and knee joints replacement, fixing heart and circulatory problems, you need a reliable insurance. For 100% when being ill or being in an accident.
Many of us have made painful and ugly experiences with Thai-Insurances…useless. Also because policy conditions are written in Thai/ or moderate English.
Then, Thai international insurances….not likely:
In young age = cheap… in old age expensive…
In your seventies you mostly will be kicked-out. A change will be difficu
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